Sunday, May 4, 2008

Hot Chinese Women Dont Date Guys Like Us

I know lots of guys who wish to have chinese girlfriends and wives who look like the models they see on the internet or magazines

Guys wake up! They are models, fantasy girls! They don't date normal guys like us! They are are nice to look at but if you want to meet a real chinese woman for love or a relationship, forget wanting to date the celebrity/model. Also drop any stereotypes you have about chinese women. There are plenty of normal attractive chinese women who just want to find nice guys.

One is asking for a world of hurt when stereotypes are taken as fact, in any mixed relationship. Best example I can think of is my chinese ex wife of 10 years.

In my youth I too bought into the stereotype of the submissive chinese woman; domestic, nurturing, loving, feminine, child-loving, repositor of chinese art and culture. Not long into the marraige it was clear that these stereotypes did not apply to every chinese woman nor to mine imparticular. Bottom line is that all women are individuals, just as men are, and no matter the cultural barriers once you have your heart and mind set on a long term relationship, then comes the cultural education part.

Without making an intensive study of your partner's cultural background you are setting your self up for a world of heartbreak! As a teacher, I can think of no more important homework assignment than that of learning about your partner's culture before entering into relationship of mixed heritage, be they hot or be they not!

I think China is the only country in the world where you can actualy have your cake and eat it too. You the average Joe can have your fantasy girl in China because chinese women fantasty or not always let you have your say before they judge you. So if you are a weenie well it ani't gonna happen anywhere. And if you have any sense, a few maners, and a little wit you'll probably get your cake. If you can handle a little change and learning about each other. Well you'll probably get to eat it too. I've been through a rainbow of girlfriends in China and most ended because of my lack of commitment. So from all sorts of classes to all sorts of looks they all gave me a chance so its up to you.

I think in someways China can be a goldmine if you are lucky enough to get a girlfriend that loves you. Mainly in my experiences which are not many and mostly not so great. I have found that if you get the right girl you will be happy and it really doesn't have to do with appearance. It has everything to do with personality. So dont get suckered by personality be honest be yourself and well anywhere the right thing will come out of the wood work.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Welcome to fhionagallowayillustration

Welcome to fhionagallowayillustration,
This a blog of me :)